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    Turtola Granary

    Apologies, content only available in Finnish for the moment.

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    Fortifications of Kankaanpäänmäki

    The Kankaanpäänmäki fortifications are part of a chain of defences extending from the capital to Virrat and on through Ähtäri to Kuopio and Nurmes. The fortifications were built or commissioned by the Russian Army during the First World War (1914–1918) to defend Helsinki and St. Petersburg from German attack from the Gulf of Bothnia. The [...]

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    Riihimäki Iron Age cemetery

    The site is an Iron Age cemetery where about a dozen mound-like cairns survive. One of the cairns was excavated in 1984–1985 by the University of Turku. Finds from the cemetery were first preserved in 1881, when a sword and a spearhead were discovered on the site. Today a business and swimming pool complex stands [...]

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    Rantavainionmäki, Sastamala

    The Rantavainionmäki cemetery is located on the eastern shore of Lake Rautavesi. The cemetery comprises 15 burial mounds and a level underground burial area. No signs of the latter can be distinguished above ground. The first finds from this cemetery are from the 1940s when a bronze ring, burnt bone, pottery fragments and coal from [...]

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    The cairns in Ali-Uotila are part of an Iron Age cemetery. The cemetery was originally located on the shoreline at the north-west end of Lake Vanhajärvi, which has now been drained. There are 21 cairns in the area, of which five have been excavated. The cemetery also includes a sacrificial stone. The area is also [...]