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Not many people know that in the Näsinpuisto Park, at the north end of Street Näsilinnankatu, there has been a gorgeous wooden villa called Milavida. The villa was built in 1860 by Finlayson cotton factory’s manager, William von Nottbeck.

In 1905 the villa ended up in the ownership of City of Tampere. It was rented to mercant called Raittinen, who’s wife opened a restaurant and a boarding house at the Milavida villa. However the villa was destroyed in a fire in 1913. Only a separate underground cellar is left of the Milavida villa.

The Cellar probably dates to the same age as the villa to which it belonged to. It has a decorative entrance built from red bricks. Although the entrance looks small, the brick vaulted cellar itself is rather large. There are six steep brick steps descending from the door. The cellar has two rooms and is about 35 m2 in size.

Cellar of Milavida is located in the Näsinpuisto Park, on the north-west side of the Tampere city center, in Finlayson district (I-district). On the east side of the cellar there are the Stable Yards, now a tourist attraction but formerly part of the Finlayson factory community, housing the factory owner’s cattle, horses and the staff needed to care for them.

Care instructions
The adopter’s first task is to clear the cellar of rubbish accumulated there over the decades. Annual maintaining duties include: roof cleaning, keeping the surroundings tidy, and keeping the foreground of the cellar door clear of snow, to prevent melting snow from penetrating in and causing damage. In addition, the adopter is responsible of inspectin the condition of the building each year and notifying the Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum of any alarming changes.

Cellar can very well be used for its original purpose: storing vegetables, juices and jams, or adopter could come up with a whole new purpose. The cool cellar space could serve for instance as a refuge for hot summer days, a chapel of silence, or even a small-scale gallery space, why not as a beer cellar as well.


Näsijärvenkatu 4, Tampere
P: 6823171, I: 327230


Target type:
Underground cellar, Storage building
Built between 1840's and 1860's