The Eura employment unit is involved in the Adopt a Monument activity

The Eura employment unit is involved in the Adopt a Monument activity

The Adopt Monument activity is a voluntary activity, the aim of which is to encourage citizens to take care of the cultural heritage sites in their own immediate surroundings. Now the Eura employment unit will also join the activities and will sign an agreement with the Satakunta Museum this spring to manage the Bronze Age mound area of Lammashaka in Panelia.

The Satakunta Museum is delighted with the new agreement, says archaeologist Leena Koivisto. The archaeological site of “‹”‹the Panel’s Lammashaka was cleared by the National Board of Antiquities in the early 2010s. At the same time, information boards were erected in the area as a project of the municipality of Eura. However, the nursing work ended in 2012 after the National Board of Antiquities closed its office in Satakunta and the Bronze Age mound area quickly grew completely overgrown However, the Eura”™s employment service will clear up the mounds in Lammashaka again in the spring of 2020. Regular care will also continue – by joining the Adopt monument activity – the employment unit undertakes to maintain the area by annual mowing and clearing for the time being.

Culture Manager Sirpa Wahlqvist recalls that there are many very fine, easily accessible archaeological sites in Eura. However, managing the sites has been a big problem. “œWe are very happy that the employment services set out last autumn to try to clear the archaeological sites in Luistari and Lammashaka under the guidance of the Satakunta Museum and the results were good. Prehistory is the subject of Eura’s wealth and pride, we are happy to present it. There is a lot of work to be done in the management of prehistoric sites and they cannot be repaired in an instant, but fortunately an actor has now been found”, says Sirpa Wahlqvist.

Rami Heino, the head of the employment unit of the municipality of Eura, is also pleased that the youth workshop, rehabilitative work activities and activity center will make sense of the to maintain of accessible archaeological sites. Working outdoors in nature brings a nice variety and at the same time you can get to know your own history and nature.

“œIt is possible to participate in the Adopt Monument activity through the Satakunta Museum by choosing a culturally and historically significant site to manage”, says Leena Koivisto. The treatment is based on an agreement between the museum and the adoptive group. The site to be managed can be an archaeological site or other cultural heritage site, even a building. The voluntary actor undertakes to take care of the site in accordance with the treatment plan drawn up by the museum. Management measures can include, for example, clearing and mowing vegetation and taking care of the cleanliness of the site’s surroundings. The museum takes care of contacts with the National Board of Antiquities and the landowner.