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Voluntary work the slopes of a hillfort in Valkeakoski Rapola

The Pirkanmaa district of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation organized the work of a small group in the Valkeakoski Rapola on the slopes of a hillfort on April 21st. The employees of the Kolu project were Sari Hämäläinen and Ritva Pietarinen and the archaeologist of the Pirkanmaa Regional Museum, Kreetta Lesell. The aim of the treatment is to manage traditional biotope areas outside grazing, to remove harmful alien plants and to improve the visibility of the Iron Age cemeteries of Hirvikallio and Matomäki. Notable species in Rapola’s traditional biotopes include e.g. yellow fox, sand pet, sagebrush, log grass, deer bell, maiden pink and clinopodium acinos, spiked and rough sedge . The day was the best of spring, the sun was shining from an almost cloudless sky, even a snake had woken up to enjoy the heat. The goal was also achieved despite the small group.

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