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Königstedt School is the first adopted building in Vantaa

The Königstedt school is located in Seutula in a beautiful village, which also belongs to the nationally valuable Vantaanjoki landscape area. The history of the school is strongly related with history of Königstedt manor, whose owner Robert Ullner established a Swedish-language primary school near the manor in 1872. The next manor owner, Colonel Emil von Haartman, built a new school on the site in 1889. This building burned down.

The current, third school building in its order dates from 1925. It is an exceptionally high log building that represents 1920s classicism with small squared windows and attic ceilings. The building is culturally and historically very significant. It has values ​​of rarity and originality, as well as historical, architectural and environmental values. Not even the interior of the building has undergone major changes. The building served as a school until 1977.

Today, according to an agreement with the City of Vantaa and the Seutula Village Association, the Königstedt School is an excellent building to arrange events in the area. The housing committee of the association has handled the rental of the premises. In the Adopt Monument Management Agreement, the association promises to take care of the building and monitor its condition. In addition, the association manages the yard by keeping it clean and taking care of mowing the lawn. The Seutula village association organizes events where people work together for the benefit of the school, but also rents it to other events, such as parties and market days.

Thanks to the village association, the Königstedt school is in use almost every day of the year. About 8,000 people use the facilities each year.  It is a familiar and necessary gathering place for the residents, which increases the communality in the Seutula area.

School photo: Elina Riksman / Vantaa City Museum.

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