Work in the ancient remnant area of ​​Valkeakoski Rapola

The Pirkanmaa district of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation organized small group work in the ancient remnant area of ​​Valkeakoski in Rapola 21.4. Treatment is part of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation's Pirkanmaa District Integrative Nature Management in Pirkanmaa (Coke) -the project. Employees of the Kolu project Sari Hämäläinen and Ritva Pietarinen and archaeologist of the Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum Kreetta Lesell were present. The aim of the management is to manage traditional biotope areas outside grazing, harmful foreign plants […]

Eura PANELIA SHEEP HAKA (262010024)

N: 6798877, E: 229863 Lammashaan ancient remains consists of two separate röykkiöryhmästä. In the southern group of three cairns, which are located on the edge of hook-shaped open field environment. The Northern röykkiöryhmä, which is so far only applies to adoption, consists of two closely spaced from the cairns revealed, which are located in heavily overgrown and ryteikköisessä patch-family area leading to the street on the north side. Is greater than the mound […]

Eura employment unit according relates to Adopt a monument operations with

Adopt a monument action is a voluntary activity, the aim of which is to encourage people to treat their own immediate environment of cultural heritage sites. Now also Eura employment unit associated with the action and to conclude during the spring with the Satakunta Museum Panelia an agreement to be scheduled Lammashaan bronze era röykkiöalueen management. Satakunta Museum is pleased with the new agreement, Leena Koivisto says archaeologist. […]

ESIHISTORIASEMINAARI Eura 14.3.: Reminiscing AND NEW archeology

Adopt a monument presents itself as part of the Eura esihistoriaseminaaria.   EURA ESIHISTORIASEMINAARI LA 14.3. AT 10 - 16 14.3.2020 Reminiscing AND NEW archeology seminar audience in the auditorium of the Eura coed 14.3.2020 at 10-16   9.30 From morning coffee 10:00 opening of the seminar. Municipal Manager Juha Majalahti, municipality of Eura 10:10 Esihistorian Euro Hank 1998-2000: What goal was and what […]

Adopt a monument activity will start in Espoo!

Welcome to Adopt a monument -infotilaisuuteen Espoo City Museum KAMUun 5.3.2020 at 17.30. The event will be held WeeGee in Tapiola Hall. Info During the event, told Adopt a monument activity for more detail and presented for adoption to Espoo. The event may also submit their wishes and suggestions from the items. Interested in? Is your mind adopt a good target? Contact us KAMUun: or

lectures on archeology 8.2. Vapriikki Tampere

Pirkanmaa Provincial and adopted a relic Sarsa Sarsa Association is organized by the Museum Center Vapriikki (Alaverstaanraitti 5, Tampere) lecture opportunity 8.2.2020. There are two interesting presentations: at the 13.30-14.30 Adjunct Professor of archeology, bones researcher Kristiina Mannermaa: Southern Deer Island stories pm 14.30-15.30 FM Johanna Roiha: Geoinformatics exploitation of archeology Free admission, welcome!

news from 2019

Adopt a monument operations have continued during the past year in various parts of Finnish. Vantaa, Finland and Pirkanmaa has become a new target, but especially in the Helsinki activity has been very active. New destinations in Helsinki is obtained 8. In 2019 marked the 10 years of adoption of the first objects. To celebrate the anniversary Tampere Region adopter visited Helsinki destinations […]

Greetings from Helsinki Adopt a monument bed 2019

Year 2019 has been a busy year again, the Helsinki City Museum Adopt a monument commercialization efforts in the field of – the list of adopted targets has become eight new items! Most of them are of the First World War fortifications built by the Russians, which are found in abundance in Helsinki. Linnoitekohteet are located in Central Park (Ruskeasuo, Paloheinä, Pirkkola and Maunula) as well as the North-Haaga Runar Schildt […]