over the Pirkanmaa - Presentation of the day Pirkanmaa archaeological investigations

Time: Saturday 16.3.2019 12-16. 15 Place: Vapriikki auditorium Alaverstaanraitti 5 Tampere Free admission from 12.00 to 12.10 Welcome to Vapriikki! Head of Unit Tuija-Liisa Soininen. 12.10-12.40 Messukylä historic village plot of land prospecting. National Board of Antiquities koekaivausryhmän studies in Pirkanmaa 2018. Researcher Esa Mikkola, Archaeological Field Services, National Board of Antiquities. 12.40-13.10 What's under the Tampere Central Square? Archaeological ground penetrating radar. Archaeologist Tarja Knuutinen, […]

The DNA of the ancient:of hunting – seminar Vapriikki

Museum Center Vapriikki organize on Saturday 19.1. at 12-16 in a free seminar open to all, having consulted the latest results of ancient DNA studies. What does the tradition of the ancients show compared to the current population? The results of studies presented by leaders in their fields. The event will also be published for the first time Janakkalan sword man's DNA:the results obtained in. Welcome! In recent years, of ancient DNA research is a major step forward stride. […]

Presentation ceremony Saturday in archeology 9.2 Vapriikki in the auditorium

Archeology enthusiasts Sarsa Association and Pirkanmaa Provincial opportunity to organize a presentation on archeology on Saturday 9.2. Museum Center in the auditorium at Vapriikki 13.30-15.30. Free entry! Address: Alaverstaanraitti 5 Tampere at 13.30-14.15 Ulla Moilanen: Iron Age rautasoljet Finland and Scandinavia – signs of moving people or ideas? at 14.15-15 Mikko Moilanen: Viking Age swords. The discussion

News from the active year 2018

Adopt a monument practice is most widespread in the past year to different parts of a prominent Finnish. Central Finland is one of the adopted target, as well Vantaa. Helsinki, started operations in March of this year,. Eight months after the launching of the operation contained adoptive archaeological sites in Helsinki is already 11, which takes care of eight different groups. Most of the sites have adopted from the first […]

Invite Adopt a monument to a Christmas party 19. 12. at 15-18 Vapriikkiin

A warm welcome to Adopt a monument to a Christmas party Vapriikki! We will meet at 15 lobby , After a meeting room 1 serves coffee and pastries, news from other sites and at 17 a guided tour of the Museum of Natural Scientific. According to the guidance can be reached 30 first enrolled, Others enjoy the show without guidance. Report, if you want to tell the news from their own. […]

Östersundom, Burial Cairn at Kasaberget

The cairn is situated in Helsinki (Östersundom ), Kasaberget (Kasakallio) -at the highest point of an elevated bedrock area. It is on the east side of Vikkullantie Road and it is surrounded by a conservation area of 7,8 hectares , established in 1997 founded nature reserve. An impressive view of the landscape opening up in all directions is visible from the site.. The present sea shore is at a distance of roughly one kilometre from the cairn. . The bedrock hill was an island in the early Bronze Age, but elevated […]

Konginkangas, Koivisto (Löyhkälä)

The site is located in the Äänekoski, Konginkangas, east from Kivetty lake, north side of Kumpuvuori. 1861 was Kaarle Sillanpää born (Kalle) , and later made lease contract with a local landowner. The document was signed in October 1884. The lease was not valid according to the prosecutor, because the land had been set as state property. When Sillanpää had burned and […]

Sorsavuorenpuisto park in Herttoniemi, Bronze Age burial cairn

The other Bronze Age cairn in Herttoniemi is in Sorsavuorenpuisto Park in the Herttoniemenranta housing area.. The park is a wooded area of bedrock . The cairn was erected on the protruding top of an outcrop of bedrock, and it is approximately 10 x 9 meters wide and profile and is of irregular profile and form. The original view of the sea , is now obscured by housing. During the Bronze Age mound has been located in a small […]

Herttoniemi, Hitsaajankatu street, Bronze Age burial cairn

One of the two Bronze Age burial cairns in Herttoniemi in East Helsinki is between Hitsaajankatu street and the Itäväylä motorway in the south-west part of Herttoniemi. The cairn is on a hill of bedrock , that has been quarried on various sides , leaving the cairn on a ridge. The surroundings are quite urban in character.. The cairn is wide and relatively low, made of stones piled on bedrock. It has a shape and a diameter slightly vague […]